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High Speed Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine 220V/50HZ Power Supply


APPLICABE DIMENSIONS: Step:25-55pcs/min,Servo:30-65pcs/min POWER: 220V/50HZ
BUSINESS TYPE: Supplier, Factory, Manufacture APPLICABLE: Beverage, Wine, Tin, Can, Water Bottle, Jar Bottle Etc
ADVANTAGE: Engineers Available To Serive Machinery Oversea TYPE: Labeling Machine, Bottle Labeler, Packaging Machine



Automatic High Speed Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine / Bottle Tin Labeler


Basic Application


HL-T-401It can be applied to the labeling of circular objects such as cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfection of water and other industries.Single-label and double-label sticking on bottle-shaped objects are possible with just one device. For double-label sticking, space between the two labels can be adjusted.Optional circumferential positioning detection device can be achieved in the circular surface of the designated location labeling.

Optional ribbon printer and inkjet printer, printing on the label in the production date and batch number of information, to achieve labeling - code integration


Technical Parameter


Model HL-T-401
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Labeling Speed Stepping:25~55pcs/min Servo:30~65pcs/min
Applicable Dimensions φ25mm~φ100mm
Height 25mm-300mm
Applicable Labe Size 15-16mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Weight 180KG
Machine Size(LxWxH) About 1950mm x 1200mm x 1530mm
Delivery Time 10-15 Days
Type Manufacture, Factory,Suppier
Packaging Wooden box
Shipping Method Sea.Air and Express
Payment Term L/C,T/T,Money Graml etc



High Speed Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine 220V/50HZ Power Supply

High Speed Shrink Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine 220V/50HZ Power Supply


Characteristics of Function:

Optional ribbon code printer can print production date and batch number, and reduce the bottle packaging procedure to boost production efficiency。

Optional automatic turntable machine can be directly connected to the front end of the production line, feeding bottle into the labeling machine automaticlly

Optional hot-stamping coder or inkjet coder

Automatic feeding function (according to the product)

Automatic collecting (according to the product)

Additional labeling equipment

Circumferential labeling through positioning

Other functions (according to the customer’s requirements)。

Technical parameters: The technical parameters of the standard model are shown as follows. Customization is available if there are any particular requirements of functions

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