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Manual Bottle Labeling Machine , Semi Auto Tabletop Square / Round Bottles Sticker


POWER: 220V/50HZ MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
LABEL SPEED: 15-25pcs/min ADVANTAGE: Engineers Available To Serive Machinery Oversea



Manual / Semi Auto Tabletop Sticker Square Bottle Labeling Machine / Round Bottles


Basic Application


HL-T-101 Applicable to all kinds of precision prodcuts on the plane labeling change the label suction head to meet the small size labeling. Such as the diameter of 5mm tag labeling.

installation of X/Y -axis feed mechanism or bidirectional drive wheel feed mechanism, the products of automatic feeding, feeding speed upgrade.accuracy to ±0.2mm,Such as:USB

connector,Rubiks's cube,mobile phone charger,cameralens, PCB board and other prodcuts labeling.


Technical Parameter


Model HL-T-101
Labeling Accuracy ±0.2mm
Labeling Speed 15-25pcs/min
Applicable Dimensions Length:20-200mm Width:20-180mm Hight:0.2-65mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Weight 67KG
Machine Size(LxWxH) About 550*420*780mm
Delivery Time 20-25Days
Type Manufacture, Factory,Suppier
Packaging Wooden box
Shipping Method Sea.Air and Express
Payment Term L/C,T/T,Money Graml etc



Characteristics of Function:


Powerful functions: it can be used for labeling on plane, arc surface and concave plane of various work pieces;it can be used for labeling on work pieces with irregular shapes;

Accurate labeling: PLC+ fine-stepping-motor-driven label delivering ensures high stability and accurate label delivery; the feeding mechanism is equipped with brake function to ensure tensing the label strip and accurate detection of label positioning;the label strip rounding rectifier can prevent left or right offset of labels;

Durable: electric circuit and gas path are separately arranged; gas path is equipped with a purifying device to avoid air moisture fromdamaging electrical equipment, thus extending service life of the equipment; the device is made of advanced aluminum alloy and stainless steel, delivering superior quality and rugged reliability;

Manual / automatic labeling is optional: operators can control the labeling by the sensor or by stamping;manual and automatic control buttons are provided; length of labels can be adjusted at will;


Manual Bottle Labeling Machine , Semi Auto Tabletop Square  / Round Bottles Sticker

Manual Bottle Labeling Machine , Semi Auto Tabletop Square  / Round Bottles Sticker

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Manual Bottle Labeling Machine , Semi Auto Tabletop Square  / Round Bottles Sticker

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