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What is the information about the technical parameters of the labelling machine

Origin of the article: Author: 2018-09-12 18:21:59

In a machine, is the most cannot little technical parameters, it is like a piece of instruction, in guiding the people how to operate, it has a lot of information, the information is what we must know, automatic labeling machine is one of them, its technical parameters with what information.

Power: 1P, 220V, 50/60hz, 0.6kw

Label specification: L (15 ~ 300) mm x H (50 ~ 130) mm

Product specification: Dia? 20 ~? 120; H (40 ~ 300) mm

Label speed: 0 ~ 120 sheets/min

Dimensions: L2400mm, W1400mm, H1300mm

Accessories: d-1

The above information is the technical parameters of automatic labeling machine, from the words above, we can know is that it is to have a lot of information, with specifications and speed, and size, even how much power, the marks have detailed above.

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