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How do you determine the failure of the pasting machine

Origin of the article: Author: 2018-09-12 18:23:36

With the development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and we are often exposed to the labeling head, which will also touch the labeling machine. In some cases, we should be able to judge how the labeling machine will fail due to improper use of our method.

1. Watch from the outside. The appearance of the equipment can reflect the designer in the idea of machine, of course, the author refers to the appearance is not referring to beautiful, outside view refers to equipment design is reasonable, such as in label easily, adjust the position if you don't need to use tools, good man-machine interface is simple operation, etc. Whether a machine is designed for packing tasks only, or considering the human side, look at the look and feel.

2. From the sound. Characteristics of the marking machine determine the need to constantly start to stop the motor, if you listen to a company belongs to the motor start and stop the voice the voice of what kind of a hurry, so I tell you, this machine is not enough is electricity pause type has a problem.

3. Judge from the standard stability. I often recommend to my clients, to set the equipment transferred to the highest speed, the brakes magic eye in the position of the label, then rapid continuous trigger labeling electric eye, remember to observe the label whether linear operation, stop the trigger after observing the brake electric eye in the position of the label (a good labeling machine location should be consistent), and count the number of sheets, a good labeling machine out the number of sheets will never than you trigger the number of times, of course, if you finish the label is not the trigger again labeling, less likely to label.

The above is about how to judge the failure of the labelling machine, more information about the sticker header please consult the site.

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