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What are the applications of the labeling machine in all walks of life?

Origin of the article: Author: 2018-09-12 18:24:30

Application of labeling machine in all walks of life
At present, the application of labeling machine is very extensive, as a very important member of packaging equipment, all kinds of industries have labelling machine.
As we all know, the role of labeling machine is to label, but in different industries, the requirements and techniques of labeling are different. Here's a look at how different industries apply labelling machines.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry:
The speed requirement is high for the labeling of the drug, and it will also require the automatic entry and other functions of the pre-lamp inspection and post labeling.

Electronics industry:
The electronics industry's requirements for labels are not only professional but also highly accurate, with some products even requiring labels of special materials. Generally speaking, it is more common to print and label the equipment in a timely manner, not only to print a large amount of data, but also to communicate with the data of the main system.

Beverage industry:
The packaging of the beverage industry is relatively beautiful, and it is often a multi-standard bottle, which requires high speed and positioning, and requires control of position.

Oil industry:
Petroleum industry is usually conducted on VAT and large bottle container labeling, not only requires the speed and accuracy, and the label is larger, round large labels, this will also require labeling machine dimension is relatively larger.

Food industry:
The competition in the food industry is fierce, and the packaging is mostly the component of publicity and promotion. This is a new challenge to the design of the labeling machine.

The appearance labeling of the battery also needs automatic labelling machine to complete, the requirements of the labeling machine is not only the high speed, the labeling is flat and beautiful, but also needs to consider preventing short circuit.

Japanese industry:
The labeling machine can be used to fit all kinds of bottles, especially the special bottle, and the labeling precision is high, and the label is flat and no air bubble. Because the current container shape of the Japanese industry is changing, the container is mostly soft, without the sense of label, which will make the label difficult.

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