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Problem solving method of labeling machine

Origin of the article: Author: 2018-09-12 18:25:59

Packaging machinery and other biological products, also has his or her own life, and whether the length of life is to use the factory knows how to use and maintenance of the equipment, so, some commonly used packaging machinery fault knowledge is necessary:

1. Marker board residual label paper. Adjust the position of the label, glue the glue through the big, adjust the gluing temperature on the left side of the rubber temperature board, and then the label paper is up and the position of the plate is adjusted.

2. The stickers are skewed. According to the position of the paper on the board, adjust the height of the box.

3. Label paper folding and unspread. Adjust the film thickness of the rubber roller.

4. Edge of the label paper. The standard plate is not average, adjust the position of the plate, and make it the average

5. The machine runs without stopping. Whether there is a bomb to blast the door of the protective door, close the door of the guard, whether there is no liquor or post chain of wine in the front chain, or whether the bottle will enter the standard machine and take out the bottle.

6. Dump the bottle at the top of the stick. Check pressure bottle head high and low position are appropriate, adjust its position, check whether the bottle head inside the ball is missing, cause the bottle rotation is not flexible, change, check the transfer hub to send the place the bottle back on board in place, whether can be adjusted.

7. After the header, the label paper is damaged or not. Replace the spongy cushion and rubber cushion in the headgear.

8. Poor cosmetic effect. Check the belt position, adjust to the appropriate position, cosmetic spray head is blocked, clean up.

9. The spout is not clear and the location is not centered. Check if there is any foreign body or water bead on the bottle cap, adjust the air pipe position, check whether the nozzle is clean, wash the nozzle, adjust the nozzle location, and make it be in the center.




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