Tube Print And Apply Labeler For Oral Liquid Wrap Around Sturdy And Durable


APPLICABE DIMENSIONS: Step:100-200pcs/min,Servo:150-300pcs/min
BUSINESS TYPE: Supplier, Factory, Manufacture
MATERAIL: Stainless Steel SupplyAbility
LABEL LENGTH: 20-100mm

Oral Liquid Wrap Around Automatic Labeling Machine / Tube Label Equipment

Basic Application


HL-T-402 It is suitable for labeling the non-free standing round bottle while conveying。 It is automatic feeding and auotmatic labeling, Adopting horizontal conveying mode, It will increas the smoothness of conveying and improve the labeling precision。

We can increase the diameter of the conveyor roller and the distance between the rollers to meet the larger diameter of the product labeling

We can modify the taper of the conveying rouller to meet the small taper bottle labeling.

Such as: Nail- free hose ,solid hose, cosmetic round bottle, lipstick, Oral liquid bottles,effervescent tablets bottles, blod test tubes. Electronic cigarette bottles, batteries, ham, ballpoint pen and other labeling.


Technical Parameter


Model HL-T-402
Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm
Labeling Speed Stepping:100~200pcs/min Servo:150~300pcs/min
Applicable Dimensions φ10mm~φ22mm
Applicable Labe Size Length:20-100mm Width:20-110mm
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Weight 200KG
Machine Size(LxWxH) About 2050mm x 650mm x 1450mm
Delivery Time 10-15 Days
Type Manufacture, Factory,Suppier
Packaging Wooden box
Shipping Method Sea.Air and Express
Payment Term L/C,T/T,Money Graml etc


Characteristics of Function:

High speed: the device uses horizontal roller conveyor with conveying tilted chain to enable automatic correction of bottle status,

and stably load bottles to be labeled. Labeling speed: 400 bottles/minute, significantly saved manpower and materials;

Low occurrence of bottle breakage: use flexible bottle separation technology and flexible label covering technology to smoothbottle labeling with the bottle breaking rate brought under 1/100000;

High quality labeling: using deviation rectification technology to correct rounded label, high superposition of both ends of labels attached;

the rolling label covering offers smooth labeling free of any wrinkles or bubbles, thus bettering packaging quality;

High stability An advanced electronic control system that is composed of Panasonic PLC+ Panasonic touch

screen + Panasonic pinhole electric eye + Germany Leuze label detecting electric eye enables 24×7 equipment operation;

Intelligent control Automatic photoelectric tracking that avoids idle labeling while correcting and detecting labels automatically,so as to prevent mislabeling and label waste;

Sturdy and durable It is made of stainless steel and premium aluminum, meeting the GMP production requirements. It looks great.

Technical parameters: The technical parameters of the standard model are shown as follows.

Customization is available if there are any particular requirements of functions.


Tube Print And Apply Labeler For Oral Liquid Wrap Around Sturdy And Durable

Tube Print And Apply Labeler For Oral Liquid Wrap Around Sturdy And Durable
Tube Print And Apply Labeler For Oral Liquid Wrap Around Sturdy And Durable

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